Married to the beautiful @Evel_Marie who captured my heart when I wasn't looking. She's mine now and I'm hers.

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The changes @Kickass_Slayer and I have gone through.


"You gotta see what’s inside of her."

"I beg your pardon?"

"A prenatal exam Wesley."

"Oh. Of course."


"You’ll die unless you come with me. And that is the most vile smelling thing I have ever had the displeasure of inhaling. Now don’t make me come in there after you."

SSL Security Update


On 4/7/2014 we were made aware of a critical vulnerability in OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160), the security library that is widely used across the internet and at Twitter.

We were able to determine that and servers were not affected by this vulnerability.

We are continuing to monitor the situation.